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No! Come enjoy the snow, resort amenities and G&S signature events.
Peak 9 is perfect for first-time skiers. There is a ski and ride school available for lessons that teach you good techniques, mountain safety on small bunny hills. A full day beginner group lesson is $175 ($140 advanced purchase.) A half day morning lesson is $105 ($84 in advance.) Adjacent to Beaver Run is a beginner Poma Lift where you can practice the basics before testing your skills on higher mountain runs. The Quicksilver SuperChair is the best lift for beginners on Peak 9. Please note prices are subject to change. Lessons and equipment not included in our package, we are just providing information.

Experienced Skiers:Peak 9 has a number of intermediate blue runs. Gold King is a long blue run that goes along the ridge towards peak 8. For advanced skiers, running parallel to the Gold King run are black diamonds Shock and Ore Bucket. The best double back trails are Pika, the Windows and Beyond Bowl. For an extreme trail take the E-Chair to Devil's Crotch or Mine Shaft.
Considered by many to be one of the best ski resorts in Colorado, Breckenridge combines unique character with unmatched terrain and impeccable service. Boasting 5 peaks, 2,908 skiable acres, 187 trails, four terrain parks and the tallest chairlift in North America, Breckenridge is the perfect skiing destination from beginner to expert.

Base Elevation: 9,600 feet / 2,926 meters Summit Elevation: 12,998 feet / 3,963 meters Vertical Rise: 3,398 feet / 1,036 meters Total Ski/Ride Terrain: 2,908 acres / 1,177 hectares /
The most popular airport that offers access to Breckenridge is Denver International Airport (DIA). Located 95 miles east of Breckenridge on Interstate 70, DIA offers the most affordable option. DIA is also the best option if you are looking to spend a night acclimating as Denver is 5,000 feet lower in elevation compared to Breckenridge at over 9,000 feet. DIA offers all of the major services you will find at any major international airport, including car rental and other transportation options, money exchange, nearby hotels, food and more.

Eagle County Airport: Located 70 miles and a quick 75 minute drive from Breckenridge, the Eagle Airport is an attractive alternative to Denver. Three airlines - United, American, and Delta - will fly you in from 13 different US cities, including the major hubs Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. The terminal is small (no train rides or people movers) and your luggage arrives quickly. They just completed a $33 million improvement project in the terminal to make things even smoother.
Denver International is Due to traffic and then mountain driving, a transfer can take 2.5 to 3 hours each way so you want to plan your flights leaving yourself that drive time plus at least an 1.5 to 2 hours for check-in prior to your flight. There are several transfer companies that run hourly shuttles. Prices start at $49 pp to $75 pp. If you are flying in as a group, we can price private transfers for you as well. Epic Mountain Express is probably the largest and offers the most departure times from DIA. You can also use Peak 1 Express & Summit Express.

Epic Mountain Express 1-800-525-6363 or 970-754-7433

The concierge team at 970-453-8744 or [email protected] can also help you make arrangements. Or, cut & paste this URL to receive a quote to submit a transportation request to the concierge team. Please use code BRR10 for a 10% discount.
Save up to 20% on your ski and snowboard rentals with Breck Sports and, conveniently located on-site at Beaver Run. Pick up equipment the evening before and store equipment overnight, all for no extra cost! Get on the slopes faster by completing your reservation online today. Visit:
Though the days of skiing in jeans has not completely vanished (unfortunately), proper snow pants and ski jackets are a must for most skiers and riders. When shopping for snow pants or a jacket, keep in mind base and mid layers. Breckenridge can get very cold with temperatures dipping into the single digits, but with proper clothing you will feel warm and comfortable. Make sure your ski jacket and pants are roomy enough for one or two base layers, yet snug enough you can move comfortably and not get swallowed by clothing. Pack sunscreen. At this higher elevation, the sun is much stronger than at lower elevations. Please be sure to wear at least an SPF of at least 25 or 30 for protection, and reapply throughout the day so that you are prepared.
The hotel concierge can assist you with any questions you may have on these activities. Just like lodging, buying your lift tickets early and online can save money and time. Breckenridge sells up to 7 single day tickets or, if you know you will be skiing more than 3 days you can purchase a season pass. While skiing and snowboarding is the most common activity in Breckenridge, there are tons of other winter activities if you are looking for something different. The Breckenridge Nordic Center has miles of cross-country ski trails or guided snow shoe tours. Dog-sledding and snowmobiling are also popular and unique experiences
As this is a large travel group, we have lots of single travelers that make lifelong friends on our trips, and of course there are also many travelers looking for roommates. We have found over the years that rather than being assigned a roommate, people like to get to know each other a bit online, so G&S set up a Facebook page just for those looking for roommates. Just click on the link and join the group to get started with the roommate concierge.
The discounted rates and payment plans offered come with a caveat. The resort wants a guarantee that rooms will be sold, or they will impose a penalty. This is why we provide all the information up front during the booking process to that the terms are clear. That being said, we understand that unexpected things can happen, which is why we strongly suggest that you protect your investment by purchasing travel insurance. This way, if you are cancelling for a covered reason, the penalty will be reimbursed to you by the insurance. Please email us at [email protected] and we can send a complimentary brochure & quote so that you can review.
There is a strict payment plan in place, however we understand that sometimes unexpected things can happen. For extenuating circumstances that can be proved in writing such as job less, injury, death in the family, etc. we can often get the resort to grand an extension. It’s important you call us before the payment deadline and not after it is past due.
Per the booking terms, the resort has a per person penalty, which is why the funds cannot be transferred to someone else booked on the trip. You can however find someone new to go in your place, pay a minimal name change fee, and they can take over your payments from there. Please note, name changes can only be done when an account is current. Past due or cancelled reservations are not eligible for name changes.
Life happens. It may be something unexpected while on your vacation or even an emergency while you are on your trip. We strongly encourage you to consider the purchase of travel insurance to cover unexpected events such as loss of income, medical emergencies for you or someone in your immediate family before and during the trip, a death in the family, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. Every year we have passengers that lose their investment, because they “didn’t think it could happen to them” or thought there would be an exception for their circumstances. It can often cost as little as $69 to protect your vacation investment. Prices do vary based on your age and the amount of trip that you are insuring. Please email us for a free quote & brochure on the insurance coverage.
If you have any medical, physical or special needs such as a food allergy or restriction, bringing insulin injections, traveling with a C-Pap machine, or are pregnant please contact us at 866-475-7023 before making your reservation.
We do work with promoters, travel agents, influencers & group leaders. Please email us at [email protected] for details.
Yes. Beaver Run is COMMITTED TO YOUR SAFETY with enhanced safety, operational and cleaning protocols to welcome you. Please visit this page for more details:
Several of our events include food and beverages. Most rooms have kitchen so you can also bring food with you. Plan ahead! We highly recommend you make reservations for Breckenridge restaurants and research what's open. Contact the resort concierge at 970-453-6000 for help or recommendations. At the resort, Spencer's is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and has a happy hour as well. Sky Walk Deli is open from 7 am to 8 pm daily serving coffee, breakfast option, subs, salad & wraps, as well as groceries. Peak 9 Pizza located inside of Skywalk Deli has a selection of salads & pizza. There is also the Coppertop Bar & Cafe and the Pub at the Hub at the resort. In town, Pho Real, Breckenridge Distillery, Crepes a la Cart, Daylight Donuts, Empire Burger, Twist, Soupz On, Relish, South Ridge Street Seafood Grill, Blue River Bistro and the Canteen at popular options.
The town of Breckenridge, Colorado sits at 9,600 feet above sea level, and the Breckenridge Ski Resort’s summit elevation reaches 12,998 feet. When you go to higher altitudes, this pressure drops and there is less oxygen available. Add on a dry high-alpine climate, thinner air and powerful sun, even on a cloudy day- these conditions can increase the potential for altitude sickness. Most people won't feel any different than they would in a pressurized airplane cabin, but it is something to be aware of. Thankfully, there are easy ways to adapt to the environment and fully enjoy all the activities and wonders the mountains have to offer. Symptoms of moderate forms of altitude sickness may include: headaches, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, restless sleep, fatigue or loss of energy, coughing and difficulty breathing. However, with a little preparation before traveling and hydration (2-3 liters of water per day before your trip), symptoms can be avoided. HYDRATE! It sounds pretty simple, but drinking plenty lots of fluids is key at elevation. Try to drink twice the amount of water here as you would at home. It also helps to drink beverages with electrolytes to replenish lost minerals and vitamins. Pedialyte, coconut water and sports drinks with little sugar like Nuun tablets are great options and easy to pack. Alcohol and caffeine slow down the body’s ability to acclimate at elevation. If you plan to indulge in Breckenridge’s craft beer and libation scene or can’t go without your morning cuppa joe, try matching every drink with a glass of water or electrolyte beverage to ensure you’re staying hydrated. TAKE IT EASY! Experts recommend taking it easy at least the first day to allow your body to acclimate. Don't plan skiing the first day you arrive. Stick to shopping, a spa treatment or enjoy the resort. Before traveling, check with your doctor about preventative medication options. BONUS TIP - Combat altitude sickness with supplemental oxygen Grab a can of oxygen from the store, relax in one of the oxygen bars around town while getting treatment or schedule to have an oxygen machine delivered to your rental home for use throughout your trip! The most important part of avoiding altitude sickness is to listen to your body. The above tips will help your body adjust to the altitude and avoid sickness, however, if your symptoms continue to get worse, move to a lower altitude and always seek medical attention you are concerned about your health.
Parking is available for registered guests and limited to ONE vehicle per bedroom. WINTER 2021: $26 parking fee per night (Thanksgiving - April 15) Additional parking is available at offsite locations. Please contact Guest Services at 970-453-6000 for additional information.
The town of Breckenridge is located two hours west of Denver International Airport via Interstate 70. Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center is located at the base of Peak 9 at the Breckenridge Ski Area, just a few blocks from historic Main Street. From I-70 -, take Exit 203 / Highway 9 South. Continue South on Highway 9 for ten miles, continue through the roundabout, this becomes Main Street. Proceed through town. At the third traffic light take a right on Park Avenue. Take a left on Village Road. You will see Beaver Run Resort and registration parking approximately 1/2 mile uphill on the left. From Highway 285- , take Highway 9 North into Breckenridge. At the second light make sure to veer left (do not drive down main st.) Take a left on Village Road. You will see Beaver Run Resort and registration parking approximately 1/2 mile uphill on the left. If you do drive, stay up to date on Colorado’s road and weather conditions by calling 303-639-1111 or visiting the Colorado Department of Transportation.
You won’t need a car while you’re in Breckenridge. The resort is within walking distance to Historic Main Street or the mountain so you can easily walk-around town. There is also a free guest shuttle that will pick you up and drop you off around town. The Town of Breckenridge offers a free bus transportation system throughout the town. Breckenridge Free Ride picks up riders at each stop every 20 minutes to an hour depending on location. You can also get around Breckenridge using local taxi services, Uber, and Lift. If you are looking to catch a ride to one of our neighboring towns, The Summit Stage offers a free transit system that’s convenient and easy to use.
It truly is impossible to include all of the activities available for people to experience in Breckenridge in one response. Even if you don’t ski or snowboard, there are innumerable amounts of adventure to be had off the slopes. Explore miles of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing trails in the peaceful national forests that surround Breckenridge. The beautiful, new Nordic Center offers cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, both on your own or with a tour guide who will teach you all about the history, ecology, and wildlife of the area. Experience a dogsled tour or hear the sleigh bells jingle on a starlit dinner sleigh ride through the forest. Take a snow-mobile tour, ice skate, try snow tubing, ride a fat bike, sleighing and more. You can also go shopping, enjoy main street, do a tasting at the local distillery or take a ghost tour.

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