Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Outdoor Unity is a nonprofit organization providing community and/or social services in Houston, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada, and their surrounding counties. The ART OF LIVING program supports STEM-learning through before and after school programs, day camps, tutoring, and other supplemental activities including performing arts. Based on research and best practices, our activities focus on preserving western heritage, increasing physical fitness, and participating in adventurous, educational activities that explore nature and empower participant self-exploration.

YOU! extends teaching beyond the classroom by providing hands-on applications that teach real-life solutions. We partner with public, charter and private schools and universities, as well as county extension agents to prepare students for college and the workforce. YOU! works in conjunction with our sister programs, YOUTH OF TEXAS 4-H and YOU!LV designed to inspire students to pursue STEM-careers in Agriculture, Food, Animal and Human Science and Environmental Studies.

You will need your full, legal name as it appears on your passport or original birth certificate/driver's license along with your date of birth, phone number, dining preference and a credit card to place your deposit. 

Please book in your request as early as possible if you would like cabins close to one another or to dine together.  Just email us at [email protected] with everyone's names. Special requests cannot be guaranteed, but we are normally able to accommodate requests put in at the time of booking.

Approximately 30 days prior to travel you will receive an email from the cruise line with your booking/reservation number and instructions on how to complete your online cruise check-in.  each guest will need to complete this check-in at least one week prior to sailing to obtain a boarding pass. 

Uplift gives you the freedom to purchase what you want now and pay over time with simple fixed installments. Some plans include interest while some are interest-free. Shop on any of our partner websites and when you’re ready to checkout, just select “Uplift” as your payment method, complete a short application, and receive a quick decision. Choose the terms of your payment plan, finish checking out, and enjoy your purchase. Then, pay over time with simple, no-surprise monthly payments.

While some credit cards charge interest on interest, Uplift charges only simple interest. If you carry a balance on a credit card, it can be hard to understand what it will cost you. With Uplift, the cost is clear at the time of purchase, with simple interest, predictable payments, and no fees.

Yes! You do need to allow a few days between booking and your departure date for things to process. Other than that, you are free to travel whenever – even before you’re all paid off. The beauty of this loan is that you can make the first payment, travel at any time, and pay monthly.

When you are ready to checkout, simply select pay monthly / Uplift as your payment method. To apply, you’ll need to provide some basic information like your mobile number, date of birth, and if you are a US resident, your Social Security Number. If you’re approved, finish checking out and you’re done.

Total price is due.