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Keith Jones, the man behind the Grown & Sexy Cruise phenomenon is first and foremost an entertainer. His accomplishments include being one of the pioneers of Miami Bass Music, a successful radio personality, and a restaurateur. As founder of Grown & Sexy Cruises, Keith “DJ KJ” Jones’ objective was to provide people a safe & affordable way to travel the world. Since its inception, his vision has expanded from one cruise a year, to three (3) cruises, weekend events around the country, an annual all-inclusive Jamaica land vacation, and 1 exotic trip per year to bucket-list destinations such as Dubai & Bangkok. G&S is now one of the fastest-growing Black travel groups in America. The trips offer incredible value where you can enjoy nightly theme parties, celebrity DJ’s, comedy shows, seminars, ‘Praise at Sea’ and more. Travel with us and leave with newfound friendships, inspiration & motivation.  Making a difference through travel:  G&S supports local charities year-round.  Our focus is on sustainability and conservation, benefiting local communities when we travel and protecting our world's wildlife.

Egypt essentially has a hot desert climate. The climate is extremely dry  with little overall rainfall. Generally in Cairo, the weather in October ranges from highs in the 90's and lows in the upper 60's. Aswan. Abu Simbel & Luxor will be a bit warmer.  

Cairo's layers of ancient, medieval and modern can be a bit overwhelming. Scattered amid all the chaos, there are several amazing sites to visit in Cairo, including world-class museums, ancient and, of course, Egypt's iconic pyramids in Giza. Many things take longer than they should, and nothing works quite perfectly. Expect technology to cut out from time to time. Patience is a virtue: The expression Ma'alesh (which translates loosely as "Don't worry about it") seems to be on everyone's lips—especially when you're in a hurry. If you set reasonable goals, expect things to take longer, schedule fewer tasks, take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water, you'll have a memorable time in Cairo.  As a megacity (a city with more than 10 million inhabitants), Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the Middle East.


Southwest of Cairo, on the desert plateau of Giza, are the pyramid tombs of three fourth-dynasty pharaohs: Khufu (Cheops), Khafre (Chephren) and Menkaure (Mycerinus). The Great Pyramid of Khufu, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was built over the course of 20 years using more than 2 million blocks of stone. The second pyramid has two entrances on the northern side and seems almost as large as the Great Pyramid, mainly because it's on slightly higher ground, but its interior is less interesting. The third pyramid is the smallest but is distinguished by its red granite lower courses and its well-preserved chambers. Several underground tombs, which once contained lesser nobles, have been opened on the site, as well. The climb inside is hot and tiring, and it's not recommended for people who suffer from claustrophobia. Most visitors opt to enter only one pyramid.  Regulations have limited the number of vendors, who attempt to sell you everything from fake papyrus and fake alabaster to overpriced stone scarabs and camel rides. <BR><BR>

A short distance from the Great Pyramid is the Sphinx, originally called Horem Akhet, or "Horus, Who is at the Horizon." This colossal figure with a human head and a lion's body, carved from one tremendous piece of limestone, guards the tomb of Khafre—in fact, the Sphinx's facial features are thought to be those of the pharaoh.  The sound & light show will not be available in 2023 due to the construction of the new museum.


This is truly one of the most important museums in the world. It has the most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts anywhere—more than 100,000 relics and antiquities, arranged chronologically from Old Kingdom to Roman Empire. You have to pay an extra fee to see the Royal Mummy Room, where a dozen mummies are displayed in oxygen-free cases. The excellent collection of Greek and Roman artifacts is also worth seeing.  Even though the collection is world-class, don't expect a slick museum with amazing lighting and careful labeling. This place is pretty dusty, and it has so much stuff in it that you can end up feeling overwhelmed. Two half-days at the museum is recommended; serious Egyptophiles will want to spend several days. We of course have limited time in Cairo so an Egyptologist will take you to the most popular areas of the museum.

In the southern outskirts of Cairo, overlooking desert, a dry plateau and several lakes with palm trees and gardens, this area makes a spectacular setting for the impressive museum which now holds 22 royal mummies, as well as many other important ancient Egyptian pieces. On 3 April 2021, a grand parade of the royal mummies from their long-standing home at the Egyptian Museum to their current home at the Civilizations Museum commemorated the museum's official opening. One huge pyramid-shaped hall chronicles the entire history of Egypt, from pre-historic times up through the Ottoman era . The royal mummies are showcased in a subterranean chamber, accessed by a tunnel.

Egypt is a beautiful country with a complex past.  In general, violent crimes are uncommon, but pickpocketing, scams, and harassment by local vendors are quite common.  A common method of theft is by scooter, when drivers will speed by as an accomplice on the back grabs purses and bags. An easy deterrent is to walk on the outside of the street, with your bag on the side nearest the curb.  There is safety in numbers which is why we feel safer with our group size and professional local tour guides and Egyptologists.  You will find armed military in all major tourist sites and hotels.  Driving is crazy. Standard lanes are often not followed and you will hear horn honking constantly.  To travel 15 miles can take 45 minutes or longer.  Our expert guides do their best to craft the itinerary to avoid peak traffic hours.  Tap water is NOT safe to drink.  We recommend bottled water even for brushing teeth and avoid ice in your cocktails unless you are in an upscale restaurant or hotel.  Consider bringing a Lifestraw water bottle and filter with you on the trip.  It is recommended to avoid the Sinai Peninsula, the Western Desert and Egyptian border areas.  Our tours are exclusive to Cairo with options to add Luxor, Alexandria and Abu Simbel none of which are near these regions.  

Yes.  The visa is included in the price and we will take care of it for you.  We will need a copy of your passport at the time of booking or within the first 30 days of making your reservation.  Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return from Egypt. We suggest your passport expiration date be after April 30th, 2024.  The visa will be valid for 30 days.  If you book 60 days or less prior to travel there will be an extra fee to expedite the visa application (up to $200 depending on the amount of time they have to secure your visa.)   

Yes.  Due to a rise in unsettled medical bills from foreign travelers, Egypt requires travel insurance. All foreigners visiting the country are required to purchase medical travel insurance.  Recommended coverage is a minimum of $50K in emergency medical coverage and at least $100K in medical evacuation coverage.  We have various options and price points for insurance coverage.  Please call for details. 

Egypt is a modest Muslim country.  Although Egypt is not as strict as some Islamic countries with regard to covering the head and legs, women's outfits should be loose and should conceal as much of the body as possible, particularly legs and shoulders. Men should always wear long pants and shirts with sleeves. Dressing modestly and not attracting attention to yourself, particularly for women is strongly recommended.  Men can be notably aggressive and will not hesitate to harass women walking alone.  We will always travel in groups of 25 with 2 guides to make sure you do not have any issues. Our parties are mostly private which will allow you to dress less conservatively.  We will let you know ahead of time which nights this would apply.  Note for women: Although most Egyptians have attitudes similar to Western ones, the man on the street may still hold certain prejudices. Unaccompanied women may encounter lewd suggestions and comments while walking along the streets. If someone should touch you, you can yell "Haram a-lake!" (Shame on you!). If you find yourself unduly hassled, simply raise your voice and mention the word "Bolice" (the Egyptian pronunciation of police). You'll instantly be surrounded by a curious crowd, all trying to help. 

Although not a requirement, the CDC recommends you are up to date on routine vaccines such as COVID-19, flu (influenza,) chickenpox, measles, polio and shingles.  Speak to your physician about current recommendations as they can change prior to travel. 

Avoid raw foods & foods at room temperature.   Fruits and vegetables are found at local markets.  Foods from street vendors unless your tour guide advises they are up to code. Pack Pepto Bismol, Imodium or you can ask your doctor for an antibiotic prior to leaving just in case something you eat doesn't sit well with you.  We are including most meals in the price so you don't have to worry about food safety but it's always a good idea to have these things on hand.

Mosquitos can be common in certain areas.  Cover exposed skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and hats.  Use an appropriate insect repellent (it is recommended that it contains 20% or more DEET for protection that lasts up to several hours.  For something natural try something with oil of lemon eucalyptus.  Bring along hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion to reduce itching. 

Muslims don't drink as it is against their religion.  Drinking on the streets is illegal (open container.) You will find beer & wine served in many restaurants. Our nightly events all include beer & wine.  Premium alcohol is available in some places but prices are expensive to deter people from drinking too much.  Anyone wanting to have alcohol on hand (aside from that served in restaurants and bars) should buy it at the airport upon arrival. Liquor sold in stores in the city is considered unsafe. Note the names on the bottles: Johnny Walker will be labeled Johnny Walther, but with an amazingly similar label. If you go out on your own, be cautious with strangers in nightclubs: It's not unknown for friendly strangers to lace your drink.

The unit of monetary currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound. ATM machines are available in most places to obtain cash in the local currency, and credit or debit cards are widely accepted.  From time to time you may have trouble paying with traveler's checks, but you will be able to exchange them at local banks or post offices. Your Tour Guide can help you with any currency issues or language barriers.

Name Change Fee – $100 before final payment date on your invoice for the land-only portion of the trip; $250 + any vendor fees after final payment date on your invoice. Names cannot be changed once airline tickets are run, it would require a new ticket be issued.  If the name change is being done 90 days or less prior to travel, there is a visa fee to expedite the paperwork.

Late payment fee of $25 per person 3 business days after a missed payment deadline. Late payment of $250 per person is charged if you miss the final payment date. At any point of missing payments, your reservation is subject to cancellation with all monies paid being non-fundable.  This is due to the several private events for this group that have strict payment deadlines.

Uplift gives you the freedom to purchase what you want now and pay over time with simple fixed installments. Some plans include interest while some are interest-free. Shop on any of our partner websites and when you’re ready to checkout, just select “Uplift” as your payment method, complete a short application, and receive a quick decision. Choose the terms of your payment plan, finish checking out, and enjoy your purchase. Then, pay over time with simple, no-surprise monthly payments.


While some credit cards charge interest on interest, Uplift charges only simple interest. If you carry a balance on a credit card, it can be hard to understand what it will cost you. With Uplift, the cost is clear at the time of purchase, with simple interest, predictable payments, and no fees.

Yes! You do need to allow a few days between booking and your departure date for things to process. Other than that, you are free to travel whenever – even before you’re all paid off. The beauty of this loan is that you can make the first payment, travel at any time, and pay monthly.

When you are ready to checkout, simply select pay monthly / Uplift as your payment method. To apply, you’ll need to provide some basic information like your mobile number, date of birth, and if you are a US resident, your Social Security Number. If you’re approved, finish checking out and you’re done.


Pre & post-night are subject to availability at the time of booking. We recommend confirming early. Prices include airport meet & greet, transfers & breakfast.
Deluxe guest room with balcony. $225 pp double | $395 single
Executive level room with balcony $265 pp double | $435 single
Diplomatic suite $355 double | $525 single

Total price is due.