Sunday, October 8, 2023 Arrive in Cairo

Transfers from Airport to Hotel

Meet our Tour Cooridnators at the baggage carousel, to be escorted to transfer service.

Monday, October 9, 2023 Cairo

Lunch, Pyramids, Sphinx & Dinner
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A bit of leisure time this morning before we leave set out for an exciting day.  One of the most mysterious Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (and the only one still standing), the Pyramids of Giza—the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Khafre, and Pyramid of Menkaure—still live up to more than 4,000 years of hype. Seeing these 4th-dynasty pyramids and their guardian Great Sphinx rising from the Giza Plateau is a must on any trip to Cairo (and the reason many travelers find themselves in Egypt.) A camel ride or photo opp is included. 

Lunch will be at 9 Pyramids Lounge & Restaurant. 
When you arrive it will all be worth it for the Instagram-ready view that is hard to beat: the three majestic Pyramids surrounded by nothing but desert.  "The best thing about 9 Pyramids Lounge is there is no building – it's a light structure to be able to preserve the nature of the place," says Ashraf Mohie El-Din, Egyptologist and director general of the Pyramids site.  The restaurant, on the southern side of the Pyramids, comprises five indoor and outdoor spaces on an area of 1,341 square metres: a grand tented lounge, a relaxing outdoor majlis and three outside courtyard terraces. The wooden structure and its subtle hues blend in with the surroundings.

Arrive: 10:00 PM    Depart: 12:00 AM
Nile River Dinner Cruise

Discover Egypt's iconic river aboard the Nile Pharaoh on 2-hour cruise from Cairo with a buffet dinner, a Tanoura dance and belly dancing.  (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 Cairo
Arrive: 09:00 AM    Depart: 12:00 PM
Saqqara Tour
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After breakfast, we leave for Saqqara, the vast necropolis of the Ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis. Named for the Memphite god of the dead, Sokar, this is Egypt's largest archaeological site.  Its pyramids may not be as famous as the ones located in nearby Giza, but some of them, specifically the iconic Pyramid of Djoser are considerably older.  For those with an interest in archaeology, these trend-setting structures are amongst the country's must-see ancient sights.  Please note there is not much shade in this area not are there many vendors. We recommend packing sunscreen, a hat, water and bringing a snack.

Arrive: 12:00 PM    Depart: 02:00 PM
Lunch at the Naguib Mahfouz Restaurant
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Hidden away in the mysterious labyrinth of Khan el Khalili Bazaar, this amazing historic cafe is a welcome respite from the crowds.  The cafe opened in 1989 and is a tribute to the famous Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz who won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988.  Today, it’s run by the lavish Oberoi Hotels Group but the elegant arabesque surroundings transport you back to the days of Old Cairo.  The smell of Hookah pipes fills the air, and the waiters all have Tarboosh hats on and full livery. Old Arabic music plays on the radio and patrons chatter whilst enjoying lemon coolers or indulging in Egyptian hawawshi.

Arrive: 02:00 PM    Depart: 04:00 PM
Khan El Khalili Bazaar
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Khan el Khalili Bazaar is one of the most picturesque and beautiful tourist destinations in Cairo, famous for its ancient history and products from local artisans that can be purchased here.  No visit to Cairo is complete without a tour to Khan El Khalili bazaar. This culture, colorful, noisy, crowded, and exciting market offers all sorts of items and glittering trinkets.  You’ll find the traditional Egyptian items, but don’t get distracted, focus on more refined shopping than just items you can find elsewhere. For example, you can buy all kinds of herbs at the adjacent spice market. The perfume market is overflowing with endless mixtures of essences and essential oils. As you head towards the central part, you’ll find the widest variety of products and stalls ranging from gold sellers, textile merchants to carpet merchants, and everything you could want.

Even if you are not in the mood for shopping, we suggest you take a walk in the winding alleys of this labyrinthine neighborhood,  you will find something that will attract your attention, we have no doubt about it and even if you don’t find anything at all, it is still worth to wander around the area to see the ancient buildings, mosques, palaces, museums, restaurants, and traditional cafes in the area.   It’s like stepping back in time to medieval Cairo. 

Tonight join us for bar hopping.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 Cairo
Arrive: 09:00 AM    Depart: 12:00 PM
Visit the Citadel
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The Citadel of Sultan Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi (Saladin) is one of the most iconic monuments in Islamic Cairo, and among the most impressive defensive fortresses dating to the Middle Ages. Its strategic location on the Muqattam Hills gave it a formidable defensive position, and offered, as it still does today, an unrestricted panoramic view of Cairo.

The Citadel witnessed some of the most significant events in Egyptian history from the time it was built to the end of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty, which was in power from the early nineteenth century until the 1952 revolution when the modern Egyptian republic was born. Many monuments were added to the Citadel over the centuries, providing visitors today with an array of places to visit, such as the Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, which dominates the Citadel.

Arrive: 12:00 PM    Depart: 02:00 PM
Lunch at Le Pacha
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Originally a floating palace from the turn of the century, Le Pacha was transformed into a magical place in 1992. Moored off the banks of Zamalek in Cairo, Le Pacha quickly became a landmark on the Nile with its 9 restaurants and 4 function rooms that offer international cuisine, first class service and spectacular views of the Nile and city.

Arrive: 02:00 PM    Depart: 04:00 PM
Visit the Egyptian Museum
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The Egyptian Museum in Cairo (EMC) is the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East, housing over 170,000 artifacts. It has the largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities in the world. The Museum’s exhibits span the Predynastic Period to the Graeco-Roman Era (c. 5500 BC - AD 364).  Among the museum’s unrivaled collection are the complete burials of Yuya and Thuya, Psusennes I and the treasures of Tanis, and the Narmer Palette commemorating the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under one king, which is also among the museum’s invaluable artifacts. The museum also houses the splendid statues of the great kings Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, the builders of the pyramids at the Giza plateau. An extensive collection of papyri, sarcophagi and jewelry, among other objects, completes this uniquely expansive museum.

Arrive: 08:00 PM    Depart: 11:00 PM
Pool Dinner Party

Enjoy the sand shore, pool and water park at the JW Marriott "The Beach. Music by G&S DJ's. BBQ buffet dinner with long table seating combined with pool chairs. 3 hours open bar – bottle water, soft drinks, juice, local beer, house wine, local spirits: Tequila, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Gin

Thursday, October 12, 2023 Cairo
Arrive: 09:00 AM    Depart: 01:00 PM
Visit National Museum of Egyptian Civilization
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The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is a portal leading to a whole ned world filled with majestic treasures that will display the most unique collections of monuments and artifacts ever created. With ancient antiquities, jewelry, and yes- royal mummies – the NMEC is a must-see. Outside, the palm tree-covered NMEC complex overlooks a tranquil lake. Inside, it includes six different but equally impressive galleries (The Dawn of Civilization, The Nile, Writing, State and Society, Material Culture, Beliefs and Thinking, and the Gallery of Royal Mummies.)

As recently as 2020, a ceremonious procession moved 22 mummies from the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Tahrir Square to their new permanent home (NMEC). This grouping included 18 kings and four queens, and was known as The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade. This large collection of royal mummies includes the likes of King Ramses II, the most famous pharaoh of the New Kingdom, and Queen Hatshepsut, who came to rule at a time when women did not become pharaohs.

Arrive: 09:00 PM    Depart: 01:00 AM
Farewell Party

For our last night in Cairo, we take over the Rooftop at our hotel from 7 to 11 pm.  Hot & cold hors d'oeuvres with 4 hours local beer & wine.  If weather is an issue we will move to the Empress Lounge/Nightclub at our hotel.

Friday, October 13, 2023 Journey Home
Arrive: 09:00 AM   
Transfer to Cairo International Airport

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