Frequently Asked Questions

Keith Jones, the man behind the Grown & Sexy Cruise phenomenon is first and foremost an entertainer. His accomplishments include being one of the pioneers of Miami Bass Music, a successful radio personality, and restaurateur. As founder of Grown & Sexy Cruises, Keith “DJ KJ” Jones’ objective was to provide people a safe & affordable way to travel the world. Since its inception, his vision has expanded from one cruise a year, to three (3) cruises, weekend events around the country, an annual all-inclusive Jamaica land vacation, and 1 exotic trip per year to bucket-list destinations such as Dubai & Bangkok. G&S is now one of the fastest-growing Black travel groups in America. The trips offer incredible value where you can enjoy nightly theme parties, celebrity DJ’s, comedy shows, seminars, ‘Praise at Sea’ and more. Travel with us and leave with newfound friendships, inspiration & motivation.

Curaçao is located in the Southern Caribbean, just off the coast of Venezuela. Curaçao is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of The Netherlands and, together with Aruba and Bonaire, it constitutes the "ABC" islands, or Leeward Antilles. Just 12° north of the Equator, Curaçao has a warm, sunny climate yearround. The average temperature is about 81°F. Cooling trade winds blow constantly from the east, strongest in the spring months.

Tourists should be in possession of:

  • Your passport must not be more than 10 years old.

  • Your passport must be valid for the whole of your stay.

  • You must have proof that you can return to your country of departure, or transit through another country. This could be a passport, residence permit or visa.

  • You can provide proof of the reason for your stay. For instance, a hotel reservation or an invitation from family or friends.

  • You must have enough money to cover your stay and any other expenses. The following guidelines apply:
    - when staying in a hotel approximately 150 US dollar per person, per day,
    - when staying with friends or family approximately 100 US dollar per person, per day.
    No rights can be derived from these amounts.

  • You must have valid medical insurance or travel insurance that covers medical expenses. The insurance must provide coverage for medical expenses and include hospital care, emergency treatment and repatriation (including in the event of death).

  • You must not be considered a threat to public order, public health, national security or international relations.

Visitors from Venezuela require extra documents. Information about this can be found in this brochure.

Yellow Fever

  • Travelers older than six months arriving in Curacao from areas with a risk of yellow fever are required to have a valid vaccination against yellow fever.

  • A proof of vaccination will be required upon arrival in Curacao.

  • Persons not able to receive the vaccination due to medical issues will be required to show an official document of exemption.

The currency used in Curaçao is the Antillean Guilder (ANG), also called the Florin. The Antillean Guilder's exchange rate is fixed to the US Dollar at a price of 1 USD = 1.80 ANG. When exchanging money at a bank the exchange rate is 1.78 or 1.82 ANG, depending on if you're buying or selling.

You can use US Dollars everywhere in Curaçao. In stores and restaurants and such the exchange rate used is usually 1 USD = 1.75 ANG for ease of calculation.

The island is generally quite safe, especially for tourists. You can compare it with a big international city: there are a few areas to avoid (alleys, dark streets, etc.) but apart from that, you may explore the island as you wish. General safety rules apply here like anywhere else: never leave your valuable possessions in sight or out in the open; bring them with you or keep them safe in a safe/vault at the hotel; also, keep an eye on your luggage at all times and never accept packages from strangers.

Since the temperature in Curaçao rarely drops below 80°F, most of your clothing can consist of light summer clothes. Bringing along a few items, like a long-sleeve shirt and pants, can be useful to prevent mosquito bites; also, some of the fancier restaurants, as well as most late-night clubs, have a dress code which doesn't allow flip flops, shorts, or sportswear.

The people of Curaçao are very fashionable, and we love to dress up when we go out, but you'll see that many of the body issues that exist in today's society are almost nonexistent in Curaçao.  Don't forget the Grown and Sexy Theme parties!

Curaçao standard current outlets provide 110-130 Volt at 50Hz. The standard plug type is a two-pin ‘Type A’ power plug as used in the US. Some devices are designed to operate at both 110V and 220V, but please check in advance. It is wise to bring a plug adaptor for other plug types, but they can also be bought on the island. Some hotels and apartments do have 220V outlets. These outlets are easily identified, as they require the standard European plug.

Not only is Curaçao's water safe to drink, it is of the finest quality.

Around 1890, American wind turbines were imported to Curaçao for irrigation of the land. In 1928, a seawater distillery for production of drinking water was put into production. This Curaçao distillery, now known as Aqualectra, produces water of excellent quality. It is soft, contains no chloride and little calcium, is tasteless and odorless, and has a good bacteriological composition

Late payment fee of $25 per person 3 business days after a missed payment deadline. Late payment of $250 per person is charged if you miss the final payment date. At any point of missing payments, your reservation is subject to cancellation with all monies paid being non-fundable.  This is due to the several private events for this group that have strict payment deadlines.

Name Change Fee – $100 before final payment date on your invoice for the land-only portion of the trip; $250 + any vendor fees after final payment date on your invoice. Names cannot be changed once airline tickets are run, it would require a new ticket be issued.  

Payments are quoted based on occupancy.  If you lose a roommate, your price would be adjusted to the fare for how many travelers remain in the cabin.  If you are any of the guests can find a replacement for the personal canceling then a name change can be arranged for $75 prior to final payment and $150 after final payment.  Once the new guest is added they will take over the payment responsibility from the previous guest.

There is a strict payment plan in place, however, we understand that sometimes unexpected things can happen. For extenuating circumstances that can be proved in writing such as jobless, injury, death in the family, etc. we can often get the hotel to be a more flexible and grant you an extension.  However, please note this is in no way a guarantee.  They do reserve the right to deny that request.  It’s important you call us before the payment deadline and not after it is past due.

Please put in your request as early as possible if you would like rooms close to one another.  Just email us at [email protected] with everyone's names. Special requests cannot be guaranteed, but we are normally able to accommodate requests put in at the time of booking. 

Yes you certainly can.  Additional nights are available before or after our Chillxation weekend.  Simply call us or email [email protected] for more information. 

Pricing for pre- or post-night stays:

Deluxe Island View Room: $332 per person single / $189 per person double occupancy

Deluxe Partial Ocean View Room: $369 per person single / $215 per person double occupancy

Deluxe Pool View: $390 per person single / $236 per person double occupancy

Deluxe Ocean View: $401 per person single / $247 per  person double occupancy

Preferred Club Deluxe Ocean View: $423 per person single / $268 per person double occupancy

Preferred Club Junior Suite Ocean View: $644 per person single / $322 per person double occupancy

Preferred Club Suite Ocean View:  $944 per person single / $471 per person double occupancy

Both resorts are situated next to one another.  Dreams is the larger property so most, if not all, of the Grown & Sexy events will take place there.  Although guests at Zoetry will find themselves coming over to Dreams for all the G&S events, there will be golf carts available to make the commute that much faster.  Zoetry being a much smaller boutique style property, the level of service is top notch as all units are suites.  Also guests staying at Zoetry get access to all the resort amenities of both properties.  Guests staying at Dreams are limited to the amenities of only Dreams. 

With that said, by definition Zoetry is the better rated resort however Dreams is where the magic happens.  Therefore, if being close to the action is important to you then maybe Dreams is the better choice. 

Total price is due.